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Gay Porn Industry News

Previews & Reviews of Gay Porn Studios production and talking about professional gay porn actors and performers globally & locally

Gay on Social Platforms

From Twitter to Instagram

Following and presenting Gay content producers and performers posting on various Social Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and more.  




Gay Erotic Literature

Some erotic dreams shared with you here

Some well known and some new authors sharing their erotic thoughts with you. 

There is always room at the top. And bottom.

Don’t feel lonely. There is always room for you on these pages. Regardless of your preferences. All tops, bottoms, and those in between are welcome. Find yourself here and never lose it again.

Best kept seecrets

Most of kinks & fetishes welcome


Gay arts, cartoons & hentai manga

Beautiful & Erotic

Gay classics and some very popular cartoons. 

Homoerotic Photography

Models & Photographers

Photos that tickle your erotic dreams. Presenting models and photographers who know how to make some great quality homoerotic photos. 




Readers Favorites & ratings

Everyone is a winner!

Everyone is a winner in My Gay Global. However, some are exceptional. This is strictly readers rating and voting space. 

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Our Gay Agenda

Many battles have been won and we can see improvement but our fight for equality is not over yet. 

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Every one of us is a unique individual but we are all part of a great gay global community. This is the place to link to all things gay 




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